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No bite is right

Stop ticks, fleas and flying insects before they can bite – for your dog’s comfort and to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

advantix®. Repels & kills. Reducing the risk of disease transmission.

Proven protection for your dog

advantix® is scientifically proven to:

  • Stop ticks, sand flies, mosquitoes and biting flies from biting or attaching to your dog for up to 4 weeks – this is also known as repellency.
  • Quickly kill ticks, fleas and lice for up to 4 weeks as they come into contact with your dog’s skin or fur, with no need for the parasite to bite.

Trust advantix® to protect your dog from the pain and stress of irritating parasite bites and to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

How advantix® works

  • Once advantix® has been applied, it quickly spreads to the complete surface area of your dog’s hair and skin.
  • advantix® repels and kills:
    • Ticks are repelled as soon as they come into contact with an advantix®-treated dog: advantix® does this by hyper-exciting the fine nerve endings of their feet (the so-called ‘hot foot effect’) so they leave your dog before there is a chance to bite and attach. However, this short contact is enough to subsequently kill them.
    • Sand flies, mosquitoes and biting flies are also repelled from biting your dog.
    • Fleas and lice are killed by coming into contact with your dog’s skin or fur – without them even needing to bite your dog.
    • If parasites do not bite or attach, they cannot transmit the diseases they may carry.

How to apply advantix®

  • Part your dog’s hair until the skin is visible.
  • Squeeze the pipette evenly onto four spots along the skin of your dog’s back, from the shoulders to the base of the tail.

                        cat    Do Not Use on Cats!

Dogs come in many sizes, so advantix® does too

  • advantix® can be used on puppies from 7 weeks onwards (and over 1.5 kg of body weight).
  • For dogs over 40 kg, please use an appropriate combination of pipettes.
  • For complete information, including application instructions, make sure you read the packaging insert.

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