The type of Rewards you can EARN on BuunyOnline

Shopping Points Rewards

Earn shopping points for registering and earn points for spreading the word.

Percentage Cash Value

Earn CASH BACK rewards as a percentage (%) of your purchase.

Amount Cash Value

Earn a CASH BACK rebate as a specific stated amount on a transaction made.

Activity Points

  • Mall registration 100 POINTS – $10.00
  • Product Review 50 POINTS – $5.00
  • Product Sharing 50 POINTS – $5.00
  • News Sharing 50 POINTS – $5.00
  • Commenting 50 POINTS – $5.00
  • Subscribe 50 POINTS – $5.00

Redeem Points

  1. Visit Redemption to see what on offer
  2. Use points to make purchases on specific offers
  3. Use 100% points or a specified percentage against a purchase

Bundy Online rewards program is simple. You earn a rebate on every dollar you spend and as your rewards accumulate you can use them to make your next purchase on the mall.


  1. Use your rewards at checkout to contribute to your next purchase,
  2. Accumulate rewards to redeem for your next holiday getaway with our holiday partners,
  3. Use rewards for fuel (FUEL OFFERS COMING SOON); or
  4. Use them for all the above.